Thursday, August 6, 2009

CI in biopharma a harbinger, dinosaur, new cultivar

In my last corporate experience in Pharma I realized that CI was in some sense becoming either a dinosaur or a new cultivar.

If what I saw happen in the biopharma space is characteristic of your industry, maybe biopharma is a harbinger for you - anticipate change.

Here's what I saw in the middle part of this decade.

1) Many things were partnered in R&D and also in-market. That meant two sets of resources - generally too many
2) Lot's of M&A meant less CI folks needed
3) The fundamental need for more discontinuous strategy meant competition in some sense was less important
4) The quality of outsourced services suddenly rose exponentially behind new services offered in the CI space. This was especially true of new databases which offered terrific value, content with consulting, and easy-to-use enterprise wide information platforms which democratized most of the CI exercise across the entire of the direct implications of which was everyone suddenly claimed to own CI


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