Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Is the future of CI the "conductor" of a customized search engine orchestra

Musing of the day...

Seems to me that the future of CI will revolve around a select few CI professionals who conduct an orchestra of proprietary search engines -> ones who deeply understand the operations, strategies/tactics, people, processes, mindset, psychology, culture, technology, data, etc. of the organization in a multi-disciplinary enough way so as to be able to direct and "tune" proprietary search engines against internal and external (www, subscription sources, all data formats) to extract and display (e.g. Tableau) actionable insights. As much of this will be qualitative (associations, adjacencies, vocab/neologism nuances, etc.).

Already we have so many enterprise-wide systems, but who is mining the patterns and the successes of their use to unpack them and accelerate search/reapply?

Multilingualism will be critical. Multi-industry understanding will be required as technology draws them together. Personal real-time best-in-class SME networks will be a prerequisite.

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