Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Consulting and homemakers

I'm back. While I consider consulting to be a successful avocation (so far this year I've scoped out a new way of driving business to a major hospital, done a cultural comparo for an acquiree of their expected acquisitor, prospected medical devices, built business plans for a couple of small/medium businesses), it's also true there are periods of "business development" when little income is coming in.

This causes me to understand in a fresh new way what it is like to work so hard at being a homemaker (stay at home mom or dad) and to receive so little recognition. Doubly so perhaps to be a CI Consultant as companies/clients continue to struggle with understanding the value of what we do and we continue struggling with how to "sell" it and make it come to life. I like the way Sara Chi talks about "it". She calls herself a "Corporate Information Optimizer" - see her thoughtful posts on Twitter (Infosara).

It's good to be back.

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