Thursday, December 17, 2009

Childlike CI Sales

It's about the magic of the story really. To wit, my wife cares for a 8 or 9 year old girl in the mornings...gets her off to school. I'll call her Brittany. Brittany is completely enthralled/enthrallable still with the mystery of Christmas. Her house has a gas fireplace without a chimney. Question came up: How does Santa get down our chimney? Answer: He twitches his nose with his index finger and shazzaam he becomes a little tiny Christmas mouse and comes in anywhere's he wants...under doors, gas fireplace flues, etc. Result: Astonishment and instant identification with this and a little ego involvement so that she instantly went off on her on story about how she and one of her friends had seen him do it, had personal experience of same. She was in the moment. Lost in wonder. Made it her own.

Can you tell a good enough story for that A-type personality you have to sell it so they have to have it too and can boast that they can/are doing same. It's just a different mystery isn't it. Need some good stories? Contact me.

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