Thursday, June 18, 2009

You can do better CI & counterintel by studying theirs

Not coincidence. Learn from it. Protect yourself: At a major scientific congress, our presentation of sensitive new data is suddenly interrupted by a fire alarm. Materials are left behind. At a major off-site sales meeting kicking off a highly confidential major product category initiative "visitors" and unidentified callers show up esp. at hospitality events. Competitor rep's kid on volleyball team of one of my reps and parent suddenly shows up at games at a sensitive time in sales cycle to chat. Two execs involved on same project and traveling same airline route discover in conversation they have sat beside the same person and answered the same questions. That person's spouse books travel. Am suddenly made aware by colleagues all around the world that someone claiming to be x is calling us and business partners globally to ask about timing of y. Reception log-in at supplier reveals competitors follows our visits with amazing regularity. At construction site one of several vehicles shows up somewhere on public perimeter regularly while building is still ripped open. Competitor hiring as coop student who worked closely with you.

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