Thursday, June 25, 2009

New proven provider of Competitive & Business Intel in Cincy area

(with apologies for blatant commercialism but I have bills to pay too:-)

Cincy/NKY Competitive & Business Intelligence Service - NTEL4u/Stan Dyck

Dear LinkedinCincinnati-

I am a competitive & business intel researcher, strategist and thinker/integrator, a recent alumni of P&G where I worked in this area for 20+ years.

I am now focused on helping local (w/i ~100 miles) businesses and organizations through my company NTEL4u. All work is done in a highly ethical/legal fashion consistent with SCIP guidelines plus additional guidelines we can discuss.

Please see my profile on Linkedin or contact me. I am well acquainted with the local small business and not for profit environment through volunteer work. Address for my new blog also appears below.

My work generally enhances strategic or tactical choices in R&D, marketing, bus development, due diligence, fund raising, etc. across industries and organizations. I have worked on 25 businesses (consumer goods, biopharma) in the US and Canada and also beyond. I'd be happy to serve you.

I'm committed to making sure that once I have served you, you (and your organization) are enabled to do much more for yourself.

I look forward to hearing from many of you...or refer me on please.

Best regards,

Stan Dyck

513.235.0262 mobile
513.785.0680 fax

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